About Me

I had been married for 33 years when my wife died of lung cancer suddenly in August of 2009. I thought I would not find someone to love as my soul mate but God does provide for your needs.

You just have to trust the Lord to take you down the right path and wait for him to bring somebody into your life. God has a reason for everything and be thankful for each moment in your life. You don't know when your time is to leave but be ready for Him.

I have just got married to a beautiful woman named Jackie on November 14th of 2015. We are going to have a wonderful life together to share our love for each other and our families.

I am a loving and compassionate person. I am honest, loyal, trust worthy and dependable. I enjoy being a gentleman by opening doors, holding hands, giving hugs and just being polite.



Spirituality, walking, healthy lifestyle, roller skating, genealogy, and family

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